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Our Mission

Our mission is to help alleviate the national housing crisis by identifying under-utilized properties that have the potential to be rehabilitated and re-programmed for a more efficient use that is tenant-friendly and will increase the overall inventory of quality housing units.

Our Story

The Founder & CEO.


How We Started

A native of the high desert, Bryant Brislin, CEO, lived in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and Desert Hot Springs while growing up in the 1980’s & 1990’s. In his later teen years and early adulthood, he lived in Orange County, honing his real estate development skills.



The Initiative

In 2017, Bryant decided he wanted more than just a few annual trips to his hometown; he wanted to live there part-time and rehabilitate older properties. In June of 2017, he purchased his first home there, and within six months, two other properties, (a duplex and an SFR) were added to the portfolio. He maintains his primary residence in Orange County and goes to the desert on the weekends to manage/oversee his portofolio, meet with local vendors and tour new, potential acquisitions.



Where We Are Today

In 2018, Bryant established his VRBO platform and within a few months achieved SuperHost status on Airbnb with dozens of positive reviews. It was very important for him to create the necessary infrastructure of quality help so that the properties are run as efficiently as possible.

2019 +


The Future

With that accomplished by Q3 2019, the Creosote business plan for 2020 is to acquire more apartment buildings, unique single family homes for VRBO and to expand into other markets of Southern California and beyond.

Meet our awesome team

Bryant <strong><em>Brislin</em></strong>

Bryant <strong><em>Brislin</em></strong>

CEO & Founder

Jonathan <strong><em>Vega</em></strong>

Jonathan <strong><em>Vega</em></strong>

Director of Business Development | VRBO Operations Coordinator

Carlos <strong><em>Altamirano</em></strong>

Carlos <strong><em>Altamirano</em></strong>

Financial Analyst

Samuel <strong><em>Gostnell</em></strong>

Samuel <strong><em>Gostnell</em></strong>

Aerial/Drone Photography,

Research & Development


Elizabeth <strong><em>Butteling</em></strong>

Elizabeth <strong><em>Butteling</em></strong>

VRBO Financial Reporting |

Special Projects (Accounting)

Mahmudul <strong><em>Hasan</em></strong>

Mahmudul <strong><em>Hasan</em></strong>

Business Development |

Data Mining, Mass Mailings

Meet our Counsel



Counsel (Transactional Real Estate | Land Use)

Counsel (Intellectual Property)

Entitlements & Forward Planning